When you are starting your own business, you want to focus on generating sales and growing your potential client list.  We realise that your time and budget are limited and you have to juggle a lot of tasks at the same time so will be relying on your phone to acquire new clients. Inevitably this will mean you miss some calls. Significantly 85% of missed calls will not call back and consequently £30 billion is lost through this in the UK.

With this in mind, following years of building and growing our own businesses, we realised that a reliable, cost-effective call answering service is the way for us to help small to medium sized businesses. So, in 2017, we started developing our receptionist service, creating our own call handling software, testing several call centres and operators and making sure that we understand and fulfil the requirements of today’s business owner.

We now offer what we believe to be the best value call answering/virtual receptionist service in the UK.  We offer simple single monthly and annual price plans for you to choose from which you can adopt according to your budget.

Going forward, we are developing an increasing range of services which normally would only be affordable for larger companies. Our services have been designed to help small business owners succeed.