Our service is designed for start ups, sole traders/self employed, nano, micro and small businesses in Standard Business Use cases.

We define Standard Business Use as incoming calls that would be expected our clients to receive in the daily operation of their business e.g. general enquires, departmental contact, employee contact etc.  The actual number of calls taken in a day varies per business, based on size and product/service and we are happy to accomodate almost everyone, but, should your call volume dramatically exceed our average daily call rate by +50% we reserve the right to contact you and discuss a service more suitable for you. 

We understand that, from time to time, clients may do email/marketing campaigns that may increase the volume of calls and we are happy to accomodate those calls as part of their package, however, our standard service is not that of an inbound marketing call centre.  Whilst we can offer this service (contact us for more details), we are unable to as standard due to the extremely competative prices we offer our services at.