As we have the systems and teams in place, we can offer you a lot more than just call answering.

We can develop a bespoke service to meet you inbound and outbound call needs, for any size of business and volume of calls.

Answer That Call can meet all you your business process outsourcing (BPO) needs.


Inbound contact centre

  • Welcome Calls and Surveys ( To show your customers THEY are important)
  • Complete Contact Centre Support
  • Overflow call handling
  • Complaints handling
  • Technical helpdesk
  • Gift card enquiries
  • Account Customer Management
  • Bespoke packages tailored to customers’ purchase history and your strategy to build a strong relationship with your customers

Back office processing

  • Transaction processing
  • Order processing
  • Account maintenance
  • Application processing
  • Comprehensive performance reporting
  • Human resources
  • Applications sorted according to criteria
  • All Business Process Outsourcing
  • Everything to ensure you are the best choice for your customers

Seven reasons to outsource

  • Reduce staff and operational costs
  • Access best-in-class expertise
  • Let managers focus on what they do best
  • Avail of latest technologies and systems
  • Free up resources for other investments
  • Gain competitive advantage
  • Build a more efficient and profitable business
  • Improved supply planning
  • Improved inventory
  • Improved Logistics